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Thank you for wanting to learn a little more about the Braai Army

"The only way to watch rugby overseas." 

South Africa's Braai Army

"Ambassadors of the Nation."


+1 727 504 5677
South Africa's Braai Army Goals

We now concentrate on two main things - firstly, organising events for passionate South African sports fans to congregate at the biggest and best sporting events at home and overseas.

We also operate affordable travel options to the world's biggest and craziest festivals and parties, sailing along the Croatian coast during the European summer, plus the annual Springbok November Tours.

The Braai Army is dedicated to ensuring we continue to offer the best range of tours and events anywhere in the world. So if you want to join our supporter blocks & tours to all the big sporting events you needs to join one of our many events.


What started as a small group of 30 or so Springbok fans has now evolved into the world-famous supporters’ club that it is today, the Braai Army. 


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