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'Dricus' DDP Coin

"The Dricus Meme Coin was create after the American personality 'Drake' bet $700 000 AGAINST DDP. Join the other Dricus Fans and get hold of some DDP Meme Coin."
-DDP Coin Creator

Air Drops


The next Braai Army coindrop will be 14th Feb 2024.
AMOUNT: 70 000 000 DDP


When the DDP Coin launched, the Braai Army was able to get 70 000 000 DDP coins. We would like to share the love.


So we are not Crypto Fundis, but are able to transfer coins from the Braai Army Solana wallet to other Solana wallets.


We will be able to send DDP coins to your SOLANA Address. Please do not share your 'pass phrase' or login details, just the address, eg Braai Army Solana address:


Please make sure to do ALL 6 tasks below then fill out the form before Feb 13 at 23:59, we will then split up the 14 000 000 coins and drop them in your wallet.


We use a Phantom wallet (Solana), please download and install your wallet to be able to send us your wallet address:

Before we begin:

Please make sure to follow the Braai Army on our Social Media platforms:

Please share the Braai Army Facebook Post regarding the DDP Airdrops: Link Here

After completing ALL 6 tasks above, please fill in the form below with your Solana Wallet address and we will be sending you DDP Coins!!

DDP Airdrop Entry

Get your hands on some Dricus DDP Coins!!

Thank you so much for your entry, we will be dropping the coins in your Solana wallet soon.


Please make sure not to just sell your coins straight away, rather share the buzz, share your Dricus DDP story on all of your social media. Please make sure to invite your friends to the DDP Airdrops.

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