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Friday 25 & Saturday 26 November

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We are gearing up for a great weekend revolving around the Springbok playing in London this weekend. Join the largest Springbok Supporters group in the world for a brilliant weekend in London. There will be events all weekend, on the Friday night, Saturday before the match and after the match. If you don't have tickets for the match, there might be a few available on our partners website:

Weekend tickets from Braai Nation Travel 

which include Category 4 match tickets to Twickenham




Friday Evening:

The Park Tavern SW18 from 17:00 onwards
We will be braaing and building the gees in the back Beer Garden of the Park Tavern. This area will be exculsively for the Braai Army troops. If you have not purchased any weekend tickets and would like to join the troops, you can get your Commando tickets below.
Command tickets will give you access to all the weekend events on Friday and Saturday. 


Redback Bar Drink Specials:
these are the best Drink Specials in town

Pints of Fosters £2.70
Pints of Carlsberg £2.70
Pints of Strongbow cider £2.70
Pints of snakebite £2.70
Borrows of Heineken £2.70
WKD bottles 
Smirnoff vodka and mixer 

ALL £2.70 up until 11 pm


FREE Jager Bomb
at the bar for the WATCH PARTY if you purchased your tickets online 

Saturday Game Day:

Before the Springboks Match:

For those of you who have Braai Army weekend tickets, or who have purchased your own tickets to the rugby and also purchased Braai Army Commando tickets, we will be kicking off our Saturday festivities at the Timberyard (5 minute walk from Twickenham Train Station, turn left out of the main station entrance).
We will be here from 12:30 onwards. 
For those who do not have match tickets, head over to the Redback Bar in Fulham, doors open at 13:00 and they will be showing the Oz match at 15:00. The Redback Bar will have amazing drink specials from 13:00 till 23:00. 

After the Springboks Match:

After the match, those who have tickets to the game have two options, you can head straight to the Redback Bar for the after-party, or you can go have one drink at the Timberyard to wait for the trains to get less busy, then after 30-45 minutes, head over to the Redback Bar in Fulham for the after-party. The Redback Bar will have crazy drink specials for the troops. The Redback Bar is an exclusive location for the Braai Army troops, so please make sure to book your tickets online before the time, you can use the BOGOLWP promo code online to get the Buy Two tickets and then One becomes FREE special. 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Please bring proof of purchase to the door, your wristbands will be issued at the door.

Ask your friends to join the Braai Army London Whatsapp Group by typing into your web browser. We will keep everyone in the loop using the Whatsapp group, only Admins can send messages to the group, this stops the group from getting spammed with memes, etc. 

Springboks London Weekend
& Ultimate After Party

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