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November Tours ǀ 18-19 November 2022 | Genoa, Italy

Italy vs Springboks

Braai Army Events for Friday:
The Braai Army HQ for the Weekend: 752 Pub, Calata Cattaneo, 12, 16126 Genova 
Braai Army troops have Happy Hour all weekend €5 Heineken Pint, €6 all other beer pint, including Gasolina which will bring down a buffalo. We already have troops at the 752 Pub, so when you get into town, drop your bags and head over to 752 Pub for the Happy Hours. 

Siluri vs Cambridge University rugby
CASH BAR * cash bar * CASH BAR
Carlini-Bollesan Stadium
Via Vernazza, 57r, 16131 Genova GE, Italy
At 18:00 we will all leave the 752 Pub and head to a great benefit rugby match, we ask that everyone joins us for this event as it is helping raise funds for a young Italian rugby player who has had an imputation of his lower leg, we will be drinking for a cause 🙂 and not just because.
Entry to the rugby is normally €10, for the Braai Army troops, it is 1/2 price €5 and you will also get a FREE beer. If you wish to pay the full price, please do, you will also get a FREE beer. It is a cash bar, so please make sure to have some cash in hand. Peroni Beer is sponsoring the event, €5/pint and all the proceeds go toward the young players fund. Yesterday we met with the Director of Rugby who informed us that there might be a TV crew, this could then be shown on the BIG TV before or during the match tomorrow. So let us all come in the Green and Gold and show that we not only enjoy having a good time, but we are also here to help local rugby. 

Please keep in mind that we are ambassadors for South Africa, the Springboks and the Braai Army, smile, be friendly and have a good time. If someone causes kak with you or your don't like what is going on, just walk away. 

Please invite any South African that you see in town to join this Whatsapp group, share the link (in their browser) or

For those of you who would like to join the events and have not purchased travel/hotel/weekend tickets from the Braai Army, you can get the Commando ticket for £8.75/€10 and take advantage of entry into the location as well as all the Happy Hour discounts. Commando tickets online: or €15 cash at the door. 

I will be at the Holiday Inn Genoa until 15:30 and then at the Braai Army HQ (752 Pub) from about 16:00, we can then give you your wristbands.

Match Day Saturday:
[Before the match]
Time: 11:00 till Match Time 
Location: Il Dado Errante (8 min walk from stadium)
Corso Galliera, 97r, 16142 Genova GE

We will be meeting at this location before the rugby. They will be serving pizza, hotdogs (not boeries) and hamburgers. All pints of beer will be €5, bottle beer 2x for €5. They will clear their parking lot so that we can get all the South Africans into the area. Then at 13:00 we will walk as a group to the stadium, in Dublin and Marseille we were about 500+ in the group walking to the stadium. 

[After the match]
Time: after match till 03:00
Location: 752 Pub (4 min walk from San Giorgio MySport Metro stop)
Calata Cattaneo, 12, 16126 Genova GE
This is the Braai Army HQ for the weekend. Happy Hour on beers for the Braai Army, €5/pint Heineken & €6/pint of the other beers, including come beer that will bring down a buffalo. They will also be serving food, including boerewors rolls. They will also serve a complementary small plate for snacks from 17:00-21:00. 
The entire venue is dedicated for the South African supporters.

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