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Braai Army Springbok November Tours

The only way to do the November Autumn Tours is with the Braai Army

Springboks Autumn Tours Since


Over 5K Springbok Fans
When you join the Braai Army for the November Tours, you are joining a large group of Springboks Supporters on tour. With our partners at Braai Nation Travel, we are able to offer the whole package. Flights and accommodation with all the other Braai Army troops, events before and after the game, and then the big one, sitting in the Braai Army Springbok Supporters block in the stadium.

Why would you want to sit in a sea of the opposition supporters when you could be sitting with a large fun crowd of Springbok Supporters. Our largest block booking to date was 1107 Springbok Supporters in the Braai Army block. 

We do as much as we can to make sure that your weekend with the Braai Army is packed with fun and excitement. We fly a Braai Army representative to the weeks before the event to find the best locations for our events, we work out special pricing where we can. We then also have a Braai Army rep arriving in the city 5-7 days before the event to make sure that all the hotel booking are confirmed etc. 

We are passionate about bringing Springbok Rugby supporters together to support our team, if you have not joined us before, please give it a try. 
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