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8 September - 28 October 2023, France

The Springboks will be defending their Rugby World Champions title in France. The Braai Army troops were in full support of the Springboks in all the pool matches, gathering over 4000 Bok supporters in Marseilles, Bordeaux and Paris for the Springboks Gees Events.

Braai Army | Rugby World Cup 2023 | Knock Out Stages | France 

Don't do the Rugby World Cup like a skirminkle walking the streets of France looking for the next 'cool' place, rather do it right, join the largest Springbok Supporters group for the Rugby World Cup in France. We have been gathering all the Springbok Supporters for all the Springbok pool games and the Quarter Finals at the Rugby World Cup in France this year.

RWC Final Paris Website Header image.jpg

South Africa vs All Blacks Final | Saturday 28 October | (Stade de France, Paris) 

Please add yourself to the Whatsapp group to get the information about the weekend, we will send out the info on Friday morning first thing,

Saturday main Event:
We will be meeting at Cafe Oz Denfert at 12:00 (noon) on Saturday.
Entry into the event (also watch party) is from 12:00 - 17:00, If you do not have your wristbands before 17:00 you will have to pay an additional cover to ge
t into the event. 
Happy Hour Specials Available on beer and some spirits:
5.50€ for 500ml Heineken cans,

6.50€ pints of Fosters,
11€ Double Brandy and Coke,
8€ Aperol Spritzes 
Boerewors rolls, SA Gear and other SA products for sale.
This ticket is for entry into the event, this does not include other free products.

Friday unofficial Event:

We know that a lot of the Sprinbok supporters will be in Paris for Friday night, so we will have a gathering at the same spot as Saturday, we will be meeting at the Cafe Oz Denfert at 18:00. We will be handing out the wristbands for Saturday's event on Friday night between 18:00 and 20:30, please get to Cafe Oz Denfert before 20:30 as they will be charging cover charge for entry from 20:30 (Cover charge goes to Cafe Oz Denfert).
If you have your wristbands on at Cafe Oz Denfert on Friday night, you will have access to Happy Hour prices on Friday until 11:00pm. This means
5€50 for 500ml cans of Heineken,
6€50 pint of Fosters (normally 8€50),
8€ Aperol Spritzes (normally 11€),
11€ Double Brandy and Coke (not available to people without Braai Army wristbands).


Rugby World Cup 2023

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