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16 - 17 September ǀ Bordeaux, France

South Africa vs Romania

Rugby World Cup France 2023

Springboks vs Romania Header in Bordeaux.jpg

Springboks vs Romania RWC2023

The Braai Army has made its way from Marseille to Bordeaux, most of the troops will be arriving today and tomorrow. The Braai Army will be using the Cafe Oz in Bordeaux as our HQ for the weekend.
If you are looking for the spot where all the South Africans will be meeting up, it is Cafe Oz from Friday - Sunday. 
For Saturday, we will all be gathering the troops in Bordeaux at the Cafe Oz from 14:00. The other Pool B match, Ireland v Tonga, kicks off at 9pm, there are also games earlier in the day.
When you get to the pub, please look out for one of the Braai Army crew. Have your proof of purchase ready and they will be able to give you a wristband (to be kept on till the next day). The pub has Happy Hour prices for the Braai Army wristband bearers on Saturday and Sunday, Pints of Pelforth for €5 and DOUBLE BRANDY AN COKE for €10. You will need to show the bar person your Braai Army wristband to qualify for the Braai Army Happy Hour price

Then on Sunday we start at 11:00, we will all meet back again at the Cafe Oz. The Cafe Oz event location is an exclusive Braai Army event until we all go to the game. There will be a lot more drinks on Happy Hour for the Braai Army troops on Sunday. We will have Boerie Rolls, Biltong and Droewors available for purchase along with the Cafe Oz full menu. Happy Hour prices on Pint of Pelfoth (€5) and the double brandy and coke (€10).

The Cafe Oz in Bordeaux's No #1 Sports Bar, multiple TV screens, great food and an overall great vibe, the perfect watering hole for all the Springbok fans to gather.  We are very thankful to the Cafe Oz for opening their magnificent venue to the Braai Army Springbok Supporters. 

The entry price for Sunday is currently discounted at £15 per person, If you have friends who have not already booked online, please send them this link to book in advance:

If you have purchased event entry tickets for your friends, please ask them to add themselves onto the Braai Army RWC2023 Whatsapp group:
We will be using the Whatsapp group to keep in contact with the troops, so please make sure to add yourself and your friends. 

We are looking forward to having you join us this weekend. If this is your first Braai Army event, please remember that the Braai Army troops are ambassadors for South Africa and for the Springboks. Be kind to those around you, be polite, and always wear your South African smile. If someone is pushing your buttons, walk away and don't engage. Just be LEKKER!!

If you see other South Africans at the airport, bus or train terminal or just wandering around lost, please invite them to the Braai Army events, ask them to visit the website. It is up to you to build the troops in Bordeaux. 

I am so excited to have you all join us on this great Rugby World Cup adventure, get involved, and together we build the gees!

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We DO NOT have match tickets but you can join us at the locations that we have choosen on September 16th and 17th for a pre-match gathering before the highly anticipated South Africa vs Romania rugby clash. Get ready to immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere as rugby enthusiasts come together to enjoy great company, and refreshing beverages. Share in the excitement, engage in lively discussions, and soak up the anticipation before the big game. 
If you have any questions about the events or are looking for any other details, please make sure to ask the question in the relevant Facebook group event, visit We get messages on so many platforms that we have now decided on using FB event platforms to answer questions. BRAAI ARMY FB FAQs

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