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23 September ǀ Paris, France

South Africa vs Ireland

Rugby World Cup France 2023

Springboks vs Ireland Header in Paris.jpg

Springboks vs Ireland RWC23

In the words of Red Fox "This is the Big One!".
We have troops converging on Paris from all the world.
We will kick-off this epic weekend with a gathering of the troops this evening at 19:00
Frog Revolution bar in Bastille (Please note that there is more than one Frog pub in Paris)
Frog Revolution Bastille
9 Rue de la Bastille, 75004 Paris, France
When you get to the Frog Revolution, look for one of the Braai Army crew who will be handing out the Braai Army wristbands, have your proof of purchase ready (the invoice that includes your name and the amount of spots booked), show this to the Braai Army crew, and they will hand you your wristband(s). The Braai Army troops will have Happy Hour prices from 19:00 till 01:00 close:
A wide selection of craft beer: €5/Pint
Double Brandy and Coke: €10
Jager Bombs: €5 
Jager Shots: €4 or €40 for 12 
Cocktails are NOT on Happy Hour, if the bottom or top bar are busy, please refrain from ordering 4 cocktails and holding up the bar person for 10 minutes while they create the cocktail. 

Frog Revolution does has a pub menu, so if you want to grab a bite, you can get something at the pub. 
We used this same venue in 2018 for the France vs Springboks match, and it was a great vibe for everyone from the Braai Army to meet up. Yes we are going to have a jol, but please always remember we are ambassadors for South Africa, so be polite, friendly and fun. 

The troops will be gathering at the world-famous "Cafe Oz Denfert" at 14:00
(Please keep in mind that there is more than one Cafe Oz in Paris). 
Café Oz Bar Denfert
3 Pl. Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris, France
We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Checkers who have come all the way from South Africa  to bring the Braai Army troops a  taste of SA’s best! Checkers South Africa has flown in 3 world-class chefs who will be serving the troops FREE Checkers’ Championship Boerewors rolls (while stocks last/till 19:00). A big thank you to Checkers for stepping up to the plate and serving us a taste from home in Paris with South Africa’s no. 1 Championship Boerewors. So don't miss the chance to get a FREE boerieroll while we gather the troops in Cafe Oz Denfert
We will also have Happy Hour prices for the troops on selected beers, so come spend the afternoon with the largest group on Springbok supporters in the world, build the gees before the big match.  We also have the world famous South African supporter, Mama Joy, gracing us with her presence at Cafe Oz.  Thank you so much Mama Joy for bringing the Braai Army troops together and leading us in the gees building.
Cafe Oz Denfert is located on the RER B line which will take you to the Stade de France train stop in about 20-25 minutes, then you will walk to the stadium. It really is the best location to be in Paris for the pre-match jol.

AFTER THE MATCH EVENTS: (wristbands needed)
Please note that we will not be handing out the wristbands after 19:00 on Saturday, make a plan to get to one of the events before the match.
Please make sure to keep your wristbands on during the entire weekend. We have selected two locations for the massive jol after the Springboks vs Ireland match. These will not be exclusive Braai Army events however, you will be able to gain FREE entry into both location if you have your wristbands on and also are not behaving too disorderly. Please be very respectful of everyone around you.
Cafe Oz Denfert:
3 Pl. Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris
If you like more of a pub with a dance floor vibe for the after match celebrations, return to the scene of the gees building that happened during the afternoon.  Don't forget to keep your wristbands on, Cafe Oz will be charging a cover charge, with your Braai Army wristband you will be able to enter for FREE.
Café Oz Chatelet: 
18 Rue Saint-Denis, 75001, Paris
If you want to dance till the wee hours of the morning in a great nightclub, then this will be the option for you. Cafe Oz in Chatelet has an underground night club which will stay open very late. Come celebrate with other Springbok fans while dancing the night away.  Don't forget to keep your wristbands on, Cafe Oz will be charging a cover charge, with your Braai Army wristband you will be able to enter for FREE.

We have such a great weekend planned for the Braai Army troops, when you book your spot, you will have access to all of these events, happy hours and also free entry to the after party locations. Please always remember that the Braai Army troops are ambassadors for South African and for our beloved Springboks. Be lekker, be friendly, be kind, let us show all the nations that have converged on Paris that we are the most fun group of supporters in the world. Be proud of where we come from and let us make people want to visit our beautiful land, South Africa.
We also call apon all the Braai Army troops in Paris to spread the word about the Braai Army, if you are on a train, plane or just walking in the streets of Paris and you see another Springbok supporter, invite them to join the Braai Army. Tell them to type (Braai dot Army) into their web browser, and they can book their spots. It is up to you to bring the supporters together, don't sit back and let others do it for you. Be happy and round up the troops who don't yet know about the Braai Army. 
If you have friends who would like to join, please ask them to book online before the event? Please don't wait till you are at the door of the event, book online well before so that we can be more prepared for you when you arrive at the event.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

We will be gathering the troops at a lekker pub in Paris for the gees building events before the BIG South African vs Ireland clash at the Stade de France. Please don't come to the door without purchasing your ticket online. 
The venue that we have chosen is Cafe Oz Denfert 14:00 Saturday (there are multiple Cafe Oz locations in Paris) Place Denfert-Rochereau is only 6 stops [±20mins] to Stade de France on train RER B.

We will have Happy Hour prices for the troops, boeries available for purchase on the day, and all the GEES that the Braai Army brings. 

Don't do Paris alone, join the Braai Army for all the fun.

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